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Regarding the general information on tutorial at IROS 2019, please refer to this page: Tutorial at IROS2019

This section describes the tutorial for SIGVerse ver.3.

System Requirements

The SIGVerse system requires Unity 3D on Windows. The developer team has confirmed the system feasibility based on Windows 10 64 bit version.

It is strongly recommended satisfying the Unity System Requirements.

Unity Editor


Environment Setup

Installation of Unity 3D

  1. Open Unity Hub download page.
  2. Click [Download Unity Hub] to download and install the Unity Hub.
  3. Open Unity download page.
  4. Click [Unity 2021.x]->[Unity 2021.3.3f1]->[Unity Hub] to install Unity using Unity Hub.
    (There is no need to add modules on the add module window)
  5. Click the human icon at the top right of Unity Hub and click [Sign in].
  6. Create a Unity account and sign in.

Download of SIGVerse Unity Project

  1. Open SIGVerse GitHub page.
  2. Download the zip with [Code]->[Download ZIP] and unzip it.
    However, if the file path is too long, you may not be able to unzip or run the Unity scene.
    Please unzip it to a short directory such as "C:\SIGVerse".
  3. Change the folder name from "sigverse_unity_project-master" to "sigverse_unity_project".

Opening the Unity Project

  1. Click [Projects]-[ADD] in Unity Hub.
  2. Select the downloaded Unity project ([sigverse_unity_project]->[SIGVerseProject]) and click the [Select Folder] button.
  3. Click [SIGVerseProject] in the project list.

Example Scenes without ROS

Execution of Unity Scene

Please execute the following steps for the Unity example scene.

  1. Open the SIGVerse project in Unity.
  2. Double-click [Assets/SIGVerse/ExampleScenes/xxxxx/yyyyy(.unity)] on the [Project] tab to open the target scene.
  3. Click the play button at the top center of the Unity to play the scene.

Example Scenes

Example Scenes with ROS

Execution of examples using ROS is explained on here.

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