Tutorial for ver.3

Record and Play Character Movements (Save to MySQL)

In this scene, you can use MySQL to record and play back the movements of characters and some objects.

MySQL environment Construction

If you are using MySQL, you need to go through a few steps first.

First, build MySQL Server. The details are omitted, but the outline is as follows.

  1. Install MySQL Server. Operation confirmed with version [8.0.15].
    You can download MySQL product from here. (Archived Versions here)
    MySQL Workbench is useful.
  2. Create a Schema (database) named "sigverse".
  3. Create a MySQL user with update authority for "sigverse".
  4. Create a table named "playbacker_motion_data" under "sigverse".
    The table creation script is as follows.
    CREATE TABLE `playbacker_motion_data` (
      `recording_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
      `elapsed_time` int(11) NOT NULL,
      `data_type` int(11) NOT NULL,
      `motion_data` text NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`elapsed_time`,`data_type`,`recording_id`)

In the SIGVerse setting window, set to use MySQL.

  1. Click [SIGVerse]-[SIGVerse Settings] in the Unity menu to open the SIGVerse setting window.
  2. Check [Use MySQL] in [Define symbols Settings].

Since an error occurs in the [Console] tab of the Unity editor, add the MySQL library to the Unity editor.

  1. Access Download Site of Connector/NET. (Archived Versions here)
  2. Select [8.0.15] for [Product Version], [.NET & Mono] for [Operating System], and click [Download].
  3. When you unzip the downloaded zip file, confirm that MySql.Data.dll and Google.Protobuf.dll exist in the "v4.5.2" folder.
  4. Copy the two files by drag and drop into [Assets/Plugins] on the [Project] tab.
  5. Confirm that the error on the [Console] tab has disappeared.

Startup Procedure

Follow the steps below to run the Unity example scene.

  1. Open the SIGVerse project in Unity.
  2. Double-click [Assets/SIGVerse/ExampleScenes/Playbacker/Playbacker(.unity)] on the [Project] tab to open the target scene.
  3. Click the play button at the top center of the Unity to play the scene.

Recording to MySQL

  1. Select [Database Recorder] for Mode.
  2. Make some settings such as [Unique ID] and database connection information.
  3. Click the [Start] button to start recording to MySQL.
  4. Operate the character with the arrow keys.
    (Click [Baby icon] to show/hide the panel.)
  5. Click the [Stop] button to stop recording to MySQL.

Playback from MySQL

  1. Select [Database Player] for Mode.
  2. Set the same database connection settings and [Unique ID] set in the above recording procedure.
  3. Press the [Start] button to start playback.
    (Click [Baby icon] to show/hide the panel.)
  4. When the [Stop] button is pressed or the recording time elapses, playback ends.

Reference Video

Attach file: fileMySQLLibrary.png 220 download [Information] filePlaybackDatabaseRecording.png 279 download [Information] filePlaybackDatabasePlaying.png 236 download [Information] fileUseMySQL.png 266 download [Information]

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