Tutorial using ROS for ver.3

Execute SLAM (Gmapping) with TurtleBot3

This example performs SLAM (Gmapping) using a Laser Distance Sensor.

For the specifications of Laser Distance Sensor, please refer to here.
See here for an explanation of Gmapping.

Startup Procedure

Start the Ubuntu side and then the Windows side.

Ubuntu side startup procedure

Open a new terminal and run the following command:

$ roslaunch sigverse_turtlebot3_laser_distance_sensor slam.launch 

Windows startup procedure

Start the [Assets/SIGVerse/ExampleScenes/Turtlebot3/LaserDistanceSensor(.unity)] scene with reference to here.


You can control TurtleBot3 by keyboard operation on the teleop_key terminal.

If you move TurtleBot3, you can see that the map is creating on RViz.

* Check the terminal for details of the operation.

* Because of the high image processing load, the robot's camera image transmission interval is set to 1000 [ms].
(If you want to shorten the sending interval, please reduce the Sending Interval of the ZEDMiniPubCameraImageController attached to turtlebot3_with_open_manipulator/RosBridgeScripts)

If you want to finish, stop the Unity side and then the ROS side.

Ubuntu side (The details may differ from the latest version)


Windows side (The details may differ from the latest version)


Reference Video

Attach file: fileTurtleBot3SlamWindows.png 962 download [Information] fileTurtleBot3SlamUbuntu.png 1023 download [Information]

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