Tutorial using ROS for ver.3

Operate PR2 with keyboard

Startup procedure

Start the Ubuntu side and then the Windows side.

Ubuntu side startup procedure

Open a new terminal and run the following command:

$ roslaunch sigverse_pr2_teleop_key teleop_key.launch

To start rviz, execute the following command.

$ roslaunch sigverse_pr2_teleop_key teleop_key_with_rviz.launch

Windows side startup procedure

Start the [Assets/SIGVerse/ExampleScenes/PR2/Pr2Teleop(.unity)] scene with reference to here.

* A room will appear when you start. The room is randomly selected from 4 types.


You can control PR2 by keyboard operation on the teleop_key.launch terminal.

* Check the terminal for details of the operation.

If you want to finish, stop the Unity side and then the ROS side.

Ubuntu side (teleop_key_with_rviz.launch) (The details may differ from the latest version)


Windows side (The details may differ from the latest version)


Reference Video

Counter: 2077, today: 1, yesterday: 3

Attach file: filePR2TeleopKeyWindows.png 850 download [Information] filePR2TeleopKeyUbuntu.png 865 download [Information]

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