Tutorial using ROS for ver.3


This example records and plays back the motions of a human, a robot, and several objects.

A record/playback function for motions and messages has been added to (HSR)Cleanup Task using Cloud and VR.

Please try (HSR)Cleanup Task using Cloud and VR first.

A record/playback button has been added to the upper right of the screen.
Motions and messages are recorded in a text file.



Please refer the prerequisites of (HSR)Cleanup Task using Cloud and VR.


Please refer the environment construction of (HSR)Cleanup Task using Cloud and VR.

Execution Procedure

Recording Procedure

  1. Launch the human (VR) side and robot (ROS) side according to the execution procedure of (HSR)Cleanup Task using Cloud and VR.
    • Human (VR) side execution procedure
      Start the [Assets/SIGVerse/ExampleScenes/HSR/HsrCleanupVRwithMotionRecorder(.unity)] scene
    • Robot (ROS) side execution procedure
      $ roslaunch sigverse_hsr_teleop_key teleop_key.launch
  2. Press the start recording button to start recording.
  3. Operate a human avatar and robot avatar.
  4. Press the stop recording button.
  5. Under the MotionData folder, you can check the data file in Motions_yyyyMMdd_HHmmss.dat format.
  6. Stop the application.
    * You can continue to enter the playback mode without exiting, but basically you need to reboot.

Reference Video

Playback Procedure

  1. Press the play mode start button on the login screen of the application.
  2. Click YES on the confirmation panel.
  3. Press the Read File button on the playback panel and then select the recorded data file.
  4. Press the start playback button to play the recorded motions.
  5. Press the stop playback button to stop the playing.

Reference Video


Object list related to recording

  1. MotionRecorder(GameObject)
  2. MessagePlayback(GameObject)
  3. Add items to the Extra Message Destinations of ChatManager(script) of ChatManager(GameObject)

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