Tutorial for ver.3

Record and Play Character Movements (Save to Text file)

In this scene, the movement of characters and some objects can be recorded in a text file and played back.

Startup Procedure

Follow the steps below to run the Unity example scene.

  1. Open the SIGVerse project in Unity.
  2. Double-click [Assets/SIGVerse/ExampleScenes/Playbacker/Playbacker(.unity)] on the [Project] tab to open the target scene.
  3. Click the play button at the top center of the Unity to play the scene.

Recording to text file

  1. Select [Text Recorder] for Mode.
  2. Make some settings such as [Output File].
  3. Click the [Start] button to start recording to a text file.
  4. Operate the character using arrow keys.
    (Click [Baby icon] to show/hide the panel.)
  5. Click the [Stop] button to stop recording to a text file.

Play from text file

  1. Select [Text Player] for Mode.
  2. Set the file path for recording to [Input File].
  3. Press the [Start] button to start playback.
    (Click [Baby icon] to show/hide the panel.)
  4. When the [Stop] button is pressed or the recording time elapses, playback ends.

Reference Video

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