We recommend using Windows 7/8.1/10, 64bit version. If you are using Virtualbox, please install windows7 64 bits in it to use SIGViewer or it might not work. If you use 32bit based Windows, several problems might arise. In that case, please send bug reports to the Mailing List or contact admin of SIGVerse.

Installation of SIGViewer

How to get the latest SIGViewer ?

You can get the latest SIGViewer installer from


Installation of SIGViewer

Click Setup.exe in a directory named SIGViewerSetup to start the installation. You can install all the required libraries by this installation package.

You can skip installation processes if you have already installed them.

Please send bug reports to the Mailing List or contact admin of SIGVerse if you cannot execute the SIGViewer.

Trouble shooting

If you see a error that MSVCR71.dll is not found when you start the SIGViewer application, please see the Troubleshooting


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