SIGViewer doesn't work

When the sigviewer doesn't start, please try to change the setting option of java VM. You can edit the java VM using the file SIGViewer\release\X3DParser.cfg found in c:\Program Files\SIGViewer_**

The end of this file should look as follows:

# Other JavaVM Options

In this part we should edit the memory buffer as follows:




Log file of SIGViewer is not created

If you use windows vista or later version, the log file may not be created. Basically, the log file should be in: c: \ Program Files \ SIGViewer_ <version> \ SIGViewer \ release \

SIGViewer.log will be created with the following procedure: Run SIGViewer.exe by right-click then "Run as administrator"

Alternatively, you can use the permanent solution as follows: Right clicking on the SIGViewer.exe -> properties -> Capability then go to the Privilege Level, check the box "Run the program as an administrator".

Error "can not initialize OpenAL" comes into SIGViewer startup。

You need to add the following line to configuration file startup.cfg of SIGViewer.


※Recording the voice, some features wil not be available.

error Jvm.dll is not found in the SIGViewer start-up

Add the following path of jvm.dll to the windows environment path

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\client\

Error MSVCR71.dll is not found in the SIGViewer start-up

Please download the following Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package and install it.


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