Update of SIGVerse v2.3.2


Recommended Environment is changed to Ubuntu14.04(64bit)

Include files has been moved to other directory


#include "Controller.h"

From now:

#include <sigverse/commonlib/Controller.h>

Please refer sample programs.

TurtleBot2 model has been added.

Include path has been changed.

Old path:

  • $(SIGVERSE_PATH)/include/sigverse
  • $(SIGVERSE_PATH)/include/sigverse/comm/controller

New path:

  • $(SIGVERSE_PATH)/include/

small bug on sigkill.sh is fixed

CMake is adopted; automake has not been used.

julius-sp is deleted

Use xerces 3.1


bugs of sendMsgToCtr on Linux is fixed.


Oculus Rift DK2 is avalable

Auto-detection function is used for DK1/DK2

Menu items are update

Select Camera function is available.

You can change the direction of view by camera selection from Select Camera Manu.

bugs on sub-view display / sub-view interface /window resize is fixed.

bugs on click interface in Oculus Mode is fixed.

Use OpenGL; Delete DirectX use.

bug on SIGVerse.ini file management is fixed.

bug on finalization of SIGViewer is fixed.

bugs on Quit Simulation/Restart simulation is fixed.

bugs on Oculus Display is fixed.

update uninstall function.

Version Information

Counter: 3338, today: 9, yesterday: 0

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Last-modified: 2015-12-24 (Thu) 16:36:19 (1083d)