The aim of this tutorial is to show how to control a SIGVerse agent using Joystick. ROS operating system is used to process data coming from the joystick and send them to the SIGVerse controller.

Installation of the joystick

Download and install Microsoft directx sdk


When the server is launched, 2 ROS nodes are created, the SIGVerse controller node and SIGVerse command node, this involves the creation of 2 topics, command message topic and velocity topic. In the other part, the joystick service sends data to the SIGVerse command node which will publish it on the command message topic, then, the SIGVerse controller node receives the data, processes them, then publishes the corresponding command on the velocity topic, finally the SIGVerse command node receives the command and sends it to the robot.


Creating the project

Go to catkin_ws directory and create a new package:

$ cd ~/catkin_ws/src
$ catkin_create_pkg sig_ros


In the server side we have two nodes, SIGVerwe controller node and ROS command node, the first one aims to receive data from the joystick, send them to the second node then receive the command, the second node receives the data from the first node and send the corresponding command.

SIGVerse controller


ROS command

ros_controller.cpp file:

World file

Click on the link to download the world file:


Open Visual studio and add new C++ project, then include sigverse libraries.


To download the plugin:

Download the project

To download the project from GIT repository, use the following link:


The project contains:

  • "Sig_Joystick" directory: which is the joystick service, it is a VS 2008 project, it must be run in the client side.
  • "sig_ros" directory: which is the controller, it must be copied in the server side in "catkin_ws/src" directory.
  • "RobotMove.xml" file: the world file, it must be placed where the library is generated.

To install and run the server, please refer to the ROS integration tutorial.


Attach file: fileSig_Joystick.sig 1739 download [Information] fileros_Joyestick.PNG 1377 download [Information] fileRobotInMove.xml 1641 download [Information]

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