The following parameters can be set in the world file. (※ v2.2.0 or later)

Entity attribute

AttributeTypeInitial valueDescription
namestring-Please pay attention for duplicate name
xdouble0.0Initial position x
ydouble0.0Initial position y
zdouble0.0Initial position z
qwdouble1.0Initial rotation (quaternion) qw
qxdouble0.0Initial rotation (quaternion) qx
qydouble0.0Initial rotation (quaternion) qy
qzdouble0.0Initial rotation (quaternion) qz
scalexdouble1.0Scale for x axis for the object
scaleydouble1.0Scale for y axis for the object
scalezdouble1.0Scale for z axis for the object
massdouble1.0Mass (kg)
dynamicsbooltruePhysics flag
collisionboolfalseCollision detection flag
graspablebooltruegrasp ability flag
graspRadiusdouble40.0Radius for grasp ability
languagestring-Controller programming language (only C++ is supported)
implementationstring-Controller file specification

Camera parameters

ParameterTypeInitial valueDescription
idint-ID number
linkstring-Link name
fovdouble45y-direction Viewing Angle (degree)
aspectRatiodouble1.5Aspect ratio (width / height)
directiondouble*3"0.0 0.0 1.0"Camera's direction vector
quaterniondouble*4"1.0 0.0 0.0 0.0"Rotation of the camera

World parameters

ParameterTypeInitial valueDescription
erpdouble0.5If the value is 0, the error increases. If 1, the error decreases.
cfmdouble1e-8This is the parameter to decide the softness of the ground and the joints. The maximum value is 1.0
autostepbooltrueIf the automatic step mode is true, the time division is the step-size, the simulation time is automatically adjusted to the real world time. If it is false, you should adjust the time by using wordStep or wordQuickStep in the agent's controller.
quickstepboolfalseIncrements the time by using quick step mode. When autostep=true, the mode is fast and not accurate for physics.
stepsizedouble0.01Step width (sec).It works only when autostep=true

Collision parameters

Parameter nameTypeDefault valueDescription
mudouble0.9Friction coefficient is from 0 to infinite, no friction when it's equal to 0
mu2double0.02Friction coefficient, it's perpendicular to the direction on which the force is applied
slip1double0.01The force-dependent-slip friction coefficient in direction 1
slip2double0.01The force-dependent-slip friction coefficient in direction 2
soft_erpdouble0.8Softness for vertical direction
soft_cfmdouble0.0001Softness for horizontal direction
bouncedouble0.3Coefficient of restitution (0~1)
bounce_veldouble5.0The minimum velocity required to bounce(cm / s)

※Note) These collision's parameters are applied to all objects collision.

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