This tutorial introduces a method to control a human avatar using KinectV2 sensor

Control of an agent by Kinect

※This tutorial requires Windows 8.1 and Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0.

※This tutorial is valid for SIGVerse 2.2.0 or later.

※This tutorial requires that OpenCV be installed on your PC.

※ To build SIGService for KinectV2 from the source code, you will require OpenNI to be setup in your PC.

If you have any questions after reading this page: Please feel free to email at: sigverse-users@googlegroups.com

Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0

Set up at client side on Windows 8.1

A plug-in module for the SIGViewer receives motion data from Kinect, calculates Quaternion of each joint, and send the data to avatar controller on the server.

Building the KinectV2 SIGService from source

For building the SIGService, Visual C++ 2013 Express Edition has been used. However, you can use Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition as well.

The Source is uploaded on GitHub which you can clone on your disk.

   $ git clone https://github.com/SIGVerse/Client.git
   $ cd Plugin/KinectV2

The instructions to build are given on the Github page https://github.com/SIGVerse/Client/tree/master/Plugin/KinectV2

Set up at server side

A controller receives joint angle data; controls the avatar's joints.


Create a controller file kinectController.cpp as follows:

This controller receives messages from Kinect; rotates each joint of an avatar.

Compile with the following command.

$ ./sigmake.sh kinectController.cpp

World file

Create world file kinectWorld.xml as follows:

Just an avatar will be appeared in this world. This sample controls only one human avatar by the Kinect.


SIGVerse server

Start the SIGVerse server

$ sigserver.sh -w ./kinectWorld.xml

Next, run the SIGViewer and connect to the sigserver. You can see an avatar is standing.

Registration of user interface plug-in

Click the [Service]-->[Add] menu on the top-left of the SIGViewer window bar.


You then can see the following window. Click the Add button to registrate SIGNiUserTracker.sig


After the registration of SIGNiUserTracker.sig to the Service list, click the OK button to close the window.

Next, click the [Service]-->[Start] menu; then select the kinectV2_2013.sig

If the Kinect's depth map window is appeared and you see the following message on the server, it means the application is successfully started.

[SYS]  Service: "SIGKINECT" is available

Click the "START" button to start the simulation.

You can control the human avatar with the Kinect.


Attach file: fileopencv_imgproc248.dll 559 download [Information] fileKinectV2_2013.sig 551 download [Information] fileSIGNi_3.JPG 1419 download [Information] fileSIGNi_2.PNG 1424 download [Information] fileSIGNi_1.PNG 1396 download [Information]

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