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Control of humanoid agent by BVH file

※This tutorial is valid for later than SIGVerse v2.1.0

Download sample programs

Make working directory.

$ cd ~
$ mkdir readBVH
$ cd readBVH

Please download the programs from below link.


You can download all sample controllers from this page.

The package includes the following files.

  • Controller
    • srcs/BVH.cpp
    • srcs/BVH.h
    • srcs/BVHController.cpp
    • srcs/BVHController.h
  • World file
    • BVHWorld.xml
  • Agent configuration file
    • Man-bvh.xml
  • Shape model for the humanoid agent
    • bvh_man.x3d
  • other
    • Makefile


$ make

BVHController.so will be output.

Getting bvh file

Put your favority bvh file on the current directory (~/readBVH). This tutorial uses Action_Kick_bvh.bvh provided by PV STUDIO

Configuration of world file

Specify the target bvh file in the world file

$ emacs BVHWorld.xml

BVHWorld.xml old


The path for the bvh file should be relative path from the directories to execute.



$ sigserver.sh -w ./BVHWorld.xml

You can see an avator agent is standing with its hands opened.

Push the start button to start the simulation. The bvh file will be read after the simulation start.


The agent will perform kick motion.

sample model

Joint names used in the sample model (bvh_man.x3d) is as shown in the following picture. All of the joints is configured to rotate around x,y,z axis of local coordinate.



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