Change log in v2.1.1


  • Class for wheel-based mobile robot is added to RobotObj. Mobile robot control is available even in dynamics off mode. The following APIs are for the mobile robot control.
  • setWheel
    • first arg: radius of whell
    • second arg: distance between right/left wheel
  • setWheelVelocity
    • Set angular velocity of wheels (rad/s) 
  • getRobotObj is added to Controller class
  • Type "Robot" should be specified for Robot object in world file, such as:
     <instanciate class="WheelRobot-nii-v1.xml" type="Robot">
  • setJointVelocity is available in dynamics off mode. (Max of torque is unavailable)
  • getAllJointAngles is added to SimObj class
  • graspObj,releaseObj is added to CPars class
  • Modification on wheel robot parts
  • Optimization of data transport between controller and server


  • Bugs on service add, remove is cleared.
  • Error "connection refused : no type" in connecting with SIGServer with portforwarding is cleared.

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