What is the SIGViewer ?

SIGViewer is a client software that connects to SIGVerse server named SIGServer.

SIGViewer acts as a user interface for SIGVerse users to watch the virtual simulation and make communication between virtual robot agents.

This application is only available for Windows 7/8.1/10 now.

The latest version of the SIGViewer is v2.3.2 released on 24th Dec 2015. You can download the SIGViewer installer from https://sourceforge.net/projects/sigverse/files/SIGViewer/

From version 2.3.0, the SIGViewer can show 3D view for OculusRift (DK1).

From version 2.3.2, the SIGViewer can show 3D view for OculusRift DK2.

Please add the following line:


in the SIGVerse.ini put at the installation folder of SIGViewer such as C:\Program Files\SIGViewer_2.3.1\SIGViewer\bin\. You can see the following 3D images.



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