Unzip Unity Project

  • Unzip ""
    However, if the file path is too long, you may not be able to unzip or run the Unity scene.
    Please unzip it to a short directory such as "C:\SIGVerse".
  • Change the folder name from "handyman-unity-master" to "handyman-unity".

Open Unity Project

  • Open Unity Hub.
  • Click [Projects]-[ADD] in Unity Hub.
  • Select the extracted Unity project ([handyman-unity]) and click the [Select Folder] button.
  • Click [Select a version] and select [2018.4.11f1].
  • Click [handyman-unity] in the project list.

Import the common unity package

  • Click [Assets]-[Import Package]-[Custom Package...] on Unity Editor.
  • Select a common unitypackage (common-unity.unitypackage in the distributed files) and open the file.
  • Click [Import] button.
  • Please confirm that no error occurred in the Console window of Unity Editor.

Setup for Text-to-Speech

Windows Settings

Please install the English language if you are using other languages. The procedure is like as follows.

  • Open the Windows settings menu
  • Click [Time & Language] - [Region & language]
  • Click [Add a language] in [Languages]-[Preferred languages]
  • Select "English (United States)" and Install

Copy dll and exe files

Please copy files by following the steps below.

  • Open the "TTS" folder in the files distributed with a USB memory
  • Copy "ConsoleSimpleTTS.exe" and "Interop.SpeechLib.dll" to the "handyman-unity/TTS" folder.

Modify rosbridge IP

  • Open this project with Unity.
  • Click [SIGVerse]-[SIGVerse Settings].
  • Type the IP address of ROS to "Rosbridge IP" in SIGVerse window.

How to Execute

Start example ROS node

  • Open a new ternimal on Ubuntu
  • Execute the following command:
    $ roslaunch handyman sample.launch

Start Unity scene

  • Double click "Assets/Competition/Handyman/Handyman(.unity)" in the Project window.
  • Click the Play button at the top of the Unity editor.

Reference Video

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