&color(red){&size(24){Please refer to the following pages for the latest information.};};  ~
&color(red){&size(24){https://github.com/SIGVerse/sigverse_unity_project/wiki};}; ~

&size(24){Regarding the general information on tutorial at IROS 2019, please refer to this page: [[Tutorial at IROS2019]]};

&size(18){Regarding the general information on tutorial at IROS 2019, please refer to this page: [[Tutorial at IROS2019]]};

&size(18){This section describes the tutorial for SIGVerse ver.3.};


* System Requirements [#SystemRequirements]

The SIGVerse system requires Unity 3D on Windows. The developer team has confirmed the system feasibility based on Windows 10 64 bit version.

It is strongly recommended satisfying the [[Unity System Requirements>https://unity3d.com/unity/system-requirements]].

''Unity Editor''

* Environment Setup [#bbc2e383]

** Installation of Unity 3D[#t38ca130]

+ Open [[Unity Hub download page>https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download]].
+ Click [Download Unity Hub] to download and install the Unity Hub.
+ Open [[Unity download page>https://unity3d.com/get-unity/download/archive]].
+ Click [Unity 2021.x]->[Unity 2021.3.3f1]->[Unity Hub] to install Unity using Unity Hub. ~
(There is no need to add modules on the add module window)
+ Click the human icon at the top right of Unity Hub and click [Sign in].
+ Create a Unity account and sign in.

** Download of SIGVerse Unity Project [#j826be39]

+ Open [[SIGVerse GitHub page>https://github.com/SIGVerse/unity_project]].
+ Download the zip with [Code]->[Download ZIP] and unzip it. ~
However, if the file path is too long, you may not be able to unzip or run the Unity scene. ~
Please unzip it to a short directory such as "C:\SIGVerse".
+ Change the folder name from "sigverse_unity_project-master" to "sigverse_unity_project".

** Opening the Unity Project [#ad0d2bef]

+ Click [Projects]-[ADD] in Unity Hub.
+ Select the downloaded Unity project ([sigverse_unity_project]->[SIGVerseProject]) and click the [Select Folder] button.
+ Click [SIGVerseProject] in the project list.

* Example Scenes without ROS [#haea2311]

** Execution of Unity Scene [#open_scene]

Please execute the following steps for the Unity example scene.

+ Open the SIGVerse project in Unity.
+ Double-click [Assets/SIGVerse/ExampleScenes/xxxxx/yyyyy(.unity)] on the [Project] tab to open the target scene.
+ Click the play button at the top center of the Unity to play the scene.

** Example Scenes [#fcf11d8f]

- [[Control of a human avatar by keyboard]]
- [[Record and Play Character Movement (Save to Text file)]]
- [[Record and Play Character Movement (Save to MySQL)]]

* Example Scenes with ROS [#r972fb26]

Execution of examples using ROS is explained on [[here>Tutorial using ROS for ver.3]].



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