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*** What is SIGVerse [#v45f90e8]

Understanding the mechanism of intelligence in human beings and animals is
one of the most important approaches to developing intelligent robot
systems. Since the mechanisms of such real-life intelligent systems are so
complex, such as the physical interactions between agents and their
environment and the social interactions between agents, comprehension and
knowledge in many peripheral fields such as cognitive science,
developmental psychology, brain science, evolutionary biology, and
robotics. Discussions from an interdisciplinary aspect are very important
for implementing this approach, but such collaborative research is
time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is difficult to obtain fruitful
results from such research because the basis of experiments is very
different in each research field. In the social science field, for example,
several multi-agent simulation systems have been proposed for modeling
factors such as social interactions and language evolution, whereas
robotics researchers often use dynamics and sensor simulators. However,
there is no integrated system that uses both physical simulations and
social communication simulations.

Therefore, we have been developing a simulator environment called SIGVerse,
which is a simulator that combines dynamics, perception, and communication
simulations for synthetic approaches to research into the genesis of social
intelligence. In this paper, we introduce SIGVerse, its example application
and perspectives.

*** What is SocioIntelliGenesis? [#id3e0464]

This keyword is innovated by Special Interest Group for SocioIntelliGenesis. 
We focus on a synthetic research on elucidation of genesis of social intelligence -- physical interaction between body and environment, social interaction between agents and role of evolution and so on --, with aiming to understand intelligence of humans and robots. For such an approach, we have set interdisciplinal discussions with wide viewpoint for various research field such as cognitive science, developmental psycology, brain science, evolutionary biology and robotics. 

[[Detail information is available from>http://www.sociointelligenesis.org/index-e.html]]

*** How to use? [#a7c10107]

You can download and install the software from https://sourceforge.net/projects/sigverse/files/

Please refer [[Tutorial]] for concrete usage.

*** How to ask questions [#fe965ee5]

Please send your request to [[Tetsunari Inamura at National Institute of Informatics>http://www.nii.ac.jp/en/faculty/informatics/inamura_tetsunari/]].

Every one can join and ask question through SIGVerse Users Group ML. [[Please join from here>https://groups.google.com/forum/?hl=en&fromgroups#!contactowner/sigverse-users]]

We have also Facebook Users Group page. [[If you want, please send request from >http://www.facebook.com/groups/231791426880175/]]

*** Who develops this system? [#wdfd4bbc]
P.I. of this project is Dr.Tetsunari Inamura @ National Institute of Informatics. This project is supported by so many collaborators such as SocioIntelliGenesis group.

If you have a request for collaborative research project, please contact [[Dr. Tetsunari Inamura>http://www.nii.ac.jp/en/faculty/informatics/inamura_tetsunari/]]

*** Publication [#kc70bf4e]
- [[Paper Lists]] related to the SIGVerse

*** News [#j3c771b2]

- 2017 June: SIGVerse received the Open Source Software Award at RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya
- 2017-07-30 SIGVerse received the Open Source Software Award at RoboCup 2017 in Nagoya
- 2017-07-30 Team eR@sers got 2nd place at RoboCup@Home 2017 in Nagoya using by the SIGVerse
- 2017 May: RoboCup@Home Simulation in RoboCup Japan Open 2017
- 2016-12-19 The latest SIGVerse system has been updated. You can download SIGServer v2.3.6 and SIGViewer v2.3.3.
- 2016-10-11 [[Dr. Inamura made a keynote talk about the SIGVerse project at IROS2016>http://www.iir.nii.ac.jp/lab/news-e/iros2016-keynote/]]

-- [[Past News]]

*** Future Plan [#a5cf30f5]

- 2018 Oct : Simulation competition on service robot in World Robot Summit will be held as primary.
- 2020 : Simulation competition on service robot in World Robot Summit will be held as main competition.



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